Bio father

So I have a 3 year old daughter whose biological father has never been in her life,he’s never tried he keeps me blocked on all social media not that I even care honestly.

He saw her a few times when she was a baby but only because I put the effort in for him to see her,I called him..I set up the time...and place,only for him to call and change it and ask me to bring her to him,and once we were there he was so rude and very cold towards her.

He didn’t bother to clean anything and had old car parts everywhere and she had just started walking and was curious and walking around touching stuff and I’d get her and bring her back and she’d take off again,& I specifically remember him saying “do you mind getting your kid out of shit?” Like wtf.

Another time he asked me to lock her in a bedroom and screw him and I said hell no,I took my baby and left.

Now I’ve been with my husband since right after her 2 birthday and she’s fixing to turn 4,he wants to adopt her and make her his child officially but her bio fathers family think I need to give her father another chance to be a dad which in my opinion is pointless considering a just made a new Facebook and he blocked it and I had not even said anything to him or sent him a friend request or anything.

If he wanted something to do with her he wouldn’t have blocked me,he would have messaged me and asked about her.

I think I should just forget him,let her grow up happy with an actual daddy because all she knows as daddy is my husband...she has no idea he isn’t her real father and she adores this man. Am I wrong?