Did you stop smoking weed/doing drugs to TTC?

💜Jeanette💜 • baby #3 due november 2nd😍
I'm 26 years old TTC #1. I had been a pot head for 12 years. I never had any problems/addictions to anything else. Just the good ol' Maryjane. It never really held me back or got me into trouble. But now that I am ready to start a family, I have decided to put my big girl panties on and say goodbye to weed for good!! As of November 2014, I have been drug free. I will not risk harming my baby (even tho some will say, its not dangerous). I will also not risk having child protective services on my ass! I've seen too many highschool classmates get their kids taken away because of drugs. I could never wrap my head around why they chose to continue partying and not put their kids first. I am very proud of myself for being strong and not letting a drug (some will say its not a drug) come between my future baby and I. Has anyone else quit a drug to TTC. ?? I would like to hear your stories.

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