Advice on boyfriend?

My boyfriend is going threw depression because he has so many bills and things that are due and there’s just not enough money coming in ..he’s taking it out on me .. he gets mad over the little things or even the big things... & he says giving him head once a day for him will make him happy and take his frustration out but that’s only him it takes two to be in a relationship im his first relationship and he has taken my virginity in all ... I’m unhappy because he acts like he dosent want us to go back to how we were which was happy Nd I feel like he’s good we’re hes at cause he sure dosent say anything .. I told him I want to be happy to but honestly I dnt want anything from him but to not take his anger and frustrations out on me ... does anyone have the slightest clue of what I should do ? Like should I just give him the amount of oral he asks for everyday.. I mean we’re not having sex anymore like that either so I should right ? But what about me ?