Relationship advice


Me and my bf have a good relationship but something is happening that is making me stress.

Might be a little long

The other day I noticed an app missing on the iPad we use for cromecast (it is his iPad) and I was like “oh what was here? Did you delete something?” And very naturally he answered “no I didn’t delete anything”

I didn’t think twice about it because he’s always been loyal. But then today we were in the car going to somewhere when I used his phone to skip a song on Pandora and I can see the little fb messenger logo down at the bottom of his screen. And it’s a new message from a woman. So I ask who that is. And he said his cousin. So I said “oh ok, how is she your cousin?” Meaning how are you related, mothers side/fathers side etc. and he’s just like what do you mean so I explained... and he said oh well she’s not really a cousin she’s a family friends cousin or something. But again, I let it go because I really do feel secure in our relationship. But then he went to work and I went on the iPad and I realized that it is in fact the messenger app he has deleted from the iPad. I find this sketchy. I’m trying not to assume the worst but... why remove something like that and put it on your phone? I think he doesn’t want me to see his messages. That can be the only reason.

Advice please. I’m trying my best not to flip out. Hopefully I made sense writing this.