Could I Be In Early Labor??

Chontey • Mom to Juellz, Micah, Marvin Jr. & Ta’mar 💗🙏🏽😘

My other labors were different they came on very strong. The past couple days I had bed going #2(tmi) I dropped at 40 weeks exactly. I’m 40+2 days now. Yesterday I had light cramping very irregular they eventually went away when I rested or drank something or ate. Since around 5 pm I had light cramps again, then around 6 pm today I had cramping that was stronger but not unbearable, I thought they’d go away if drank water, ate, walked, rested they didn’t they come every 10-15 minutes last 1minute to 1 1/2 minutes. I keep feeling like I have to go poop but it’s little then the sensation goes away. Im hoping it is a early sign because I would love to have my daughter now, and not be induced next week. I’m afraid to push if I have to go poop because my last labor that came on extremely strong I had been pooping and my midwife at the time said I had time but when I pushed again i was pushing him out n I want to have her at the hospital😭. I’m still getting these pains there not extremely intense. When should I go to hospital ladies? Im actually nervous but excited. I’m about to try n relax in a bath while I can.