19 and TTC

Hi so I'm 19 and only met my true love a few weeks ago, I say true love bc there was an instant connection, I know that sounds silly but when I think of everything my perfect guy has to have he has it all. Anyways he's 22 and he's ready to settle down as am I. Right now I can't imagine anything I want to do more then be a stay at home mom and an amazing father of my children. We decided to start TTC in the next few weeks bc we both want a lot of kids so why not start now. He can support me and our future kids lol and insist that I be a stay at home mom for a few years which is my dream job tbh. Of course I will find some at home job or some way to help out and also keep me busy. I know my family will disapprove since I came from a poor family they always say to get an education and a career and become financially stable first. They don't want me to have to worry like they did but I won't be, I have lots of hobbies that will pick up some extra money and my bf has a decent job. I know I am ready for kids but my family is a huge part of my life especially since I still live at home right now. I just don't want to mess anything up with my family but I also don't want to wait to have babies and start a family bc of my family.

I was just wondering if anyone was 19ish and was TTC, especially with strict parents?