Girlies.. hope you can provide more help than google..

I havnt posted or anything in a few month. I thought we would "stop trying". This cycle is the first ever cycle i have tracked my ovulation with tests right up untill my peak. My boyfriend has never been so keen to try for a child as what he is this cycle. We have never bd as much as what we have this month. Now i am approx 7/8dpo and i have the wateriest discharge ive ever had. i need to change my panties often. Im forever tired, i used to have great difficulty sleeping. I have more saliva than ever and i keep gettin a very slightly wierd taste in my mouth. I am abit bloated but been like that for a week or so. Very very gassy. Nauseous. I feel sick when i have a cigarette so i cant finish. What is going on?! I want the ladies who experience it to help. Not google haha x