The new iPhones 2018...

Who will be buying a new iPhone this year?

What do you think about the models and pricing?

Please no fighting wether Samsung or Apple is better. Both are great phones.

I love technology and I know there’s others out there who do too or they simply like the Apple better then Samsung.

I personally can’t go back to Samsung because I’m so used to Apple. But I really like Samsung’s phones too and how slick they’re and also the screens how they’re all around.

But please comment your opinions?

Which one will you be going for?

P.s I have the 6 plus and I have been waiting to see if apple came out with something I liked... I think I’m going with the 9 or middle Xs...

I noticed that I can’t multitask with a plus and that maybe it’s the cause of me or many who drop their pluses because ones like me who have small hands...