Just F***ing Queening

So I have no idea where to post this.

But I have to get it out.

I believe in karma and the universe tests you and brings you to where you need to be in the end.

I have so much going on.

My daughter has just started full time school, where the hell did the toddler and baby years go, I have parental guilt all the time.

I'm loosing my shit, constantly feel like I'm Not doing enough, my house is a mess,im getting married soon, I have messy hair most of the time,cant be arsed some days it's like everything gets on top of you, just want some time to myself (yes selfish but every woman needs it)

I must be testing myself or maybe the world is.

every time I have a drink, I want more.... Just because it's a way of not feeling things.

I think people judge to much in this world, and it needs to stop in order to help people on how they are feeling.... Just one person to understand what you are feeling will help, and TBH I need support, and yes that is easier from people I don't know.