What should I do :)

So I have fallen pregnant currently 6 weeks with baby 7 I have 3 others with my partner and 3 more with my x husband we wasn’t trying for this baby it was by accident as we currently have a 7 month old anyway I haven’t told him as yet because I know how angry he will be he will blame me and I’m 100% sure he will walk away if I don’t abort but I am scared as I don’t have it in me to abort I will regret it and it will play on me for the rest of my life but I’m terrified of doing this all alone with 7 kids :( I have known now for 5 days my partners a 3 to 4 nights a week drinker and he gets very verbally abusive so I’m so scared to tell him :( I know I will never find another partner if he leaves me he’s told me over and over no one will ever want me with 6 kids never loan 7 :(

I want to leave I’m just really scared and even that makes me feel stupid as in 37 years old I’m ment to be an adult I done my last pregnancy alone he never came to 1 appointment never asked how I was never helped with getting baby things and wasn’t there at her birth :(