Need help ladies. My dad is very into natural/ holistic/ no medicine type guy. More power to him, I adore my dad. But recently he has been sharing scary article about the harm in ultrasounds.

Tbh it scares the shit out of me- however I 100% trust my doc. I had an us at 6 weeks to conifirm pregnancy and check baby was in my uterus , 11 to put us in the clear (Im almost 34- and had a procedure in my uterus a month prior to falling preg) doctor offered us another us to scan for the sex and to determine cranial growth is going well ( no Down syndrome) hubby and I have been saying from the beginning we want to know the sex. And of course if anything is wrong god pray it isn’t we can be fully prepared. Anyway, when I shared news with dad he sort of snarled at the thought of another US! I don’t want to fight with him but can anyone provide any decent articles I can share with him about ultrasounds not having any harmful effects on baby??

He is really making me second guess myself. My husband fully supports me and day this is our baby and we know doc would never do anything to put in harms way.

Please be kind- how do I deal with my dad!? I just want to share my excitement with him!!