Am I crazy?!


I recently checked myself into a mental health facility for 7 days. While there I was diagnosed bipolar type 2, pstd, and generalized anxiety disorder. I'm doing an out patient program but my problem is with all the meds. Half of them make me feel crazier and the other half make me just want to sleep. When i try to tell my husband or my mom how I'm feeling, they keep telling me ill be okay or to check myself back in the hospital. I just feel like they don't want to deal with me. So I'm in an environment that I dont feel i have supoort, on medication that arent working for me. Everyday my world is spinning. And today, (I'm gonna sound crazy) I literally felt darkness take over me. I literally felt it from my toes and move up my body. It then threw me in one of the worse panic attacks. I couldn't shake the feeling and proceeded to have 5 anxiety attacks today. Has anyone experienced something similar? Am I crazy? Or is it just the med?! I'm having a hard time with my diagnosis and its hard talking to people who can't relate. I just need some support. Possitive support.