Night time blues

Rachel • 1st time mommy August 2018

Does anyone else seem to cry a lot at night? I feel like I cry and feel depressed at night and resentful towards my husband not my baby. I’m up being exhausted feeding our son like I do all day everyday and he’s out hanging out with friends or playing video games with friends or sleeping.

I know it’s my fault partially because I’m the beginning he sorta freaked out and shutdown so I told him to go out be with his friends and get it together. Now it just happens a lot and I stay upstairs a lot during the day because our couch sucks to sleep on and I’d rather sleep in bed while LO is napping.

My husband just says it’s my fault I feel lonely because I don’t sit on the couch with him all the time and that I give him the OK to go out. I’m just scared he’s going to freak out again and shutdown if he’s stuck in with me all the time.

Any advice? I think I’m just lonely and being a mom is hard.