Twins!! Crazy story!


We found out yesterday after our doctor missed it on a 5 week, 7 week and 10 week ultrasound. I thought I could see two babies moving at my 10 week ultrasound but figured if it was twins he would say something but he didn't and it kept nagging at me. I posted the second pic on two baby sites asking what the second sac was and everyone said twin. So I called my doctors office and they said "No, it's not a twin". But I still couldn't let it go. I sent the picture to my friend who is a labor and delivery nurse and the first thing she said was "Congrats! Twins?" I told her I wasn't sure and I needed help. She had me come in and she took a peek on their handheld ultrasound device, it had like a 4" screen but there was no doubt about it, twins! (First pic). I was freaking out!!!

So then I called my office back and told them what we found out, they had me come in right away and sure enough there was two plain as day. My doctor apologized and said he told me no from memory he didn't actually go back and look at the ultrasound and he should have when I called, and he would have seen what I was talking about. He said he was so focused on the one baby that he never thought there would be two and he didn't look around. I'm having twins!!!!