Help? Miscarriage.

So I had went to the ER a few nights ago since my spotting was lasting about a week now. It was very light brown blood with a light flow with very few brown stingy clots (very little, no bigger than a grain of rice). The doctor tested my hcg levels and told me there’s a chance I’m still pregnant because my cervix is still closed and my levels are still high. I thought I just had some spotting. They did an ultrasound on a small machine. He said he couldn’t really see anything. Then they sent me down to the big one and I guess they saw nothing either. They both looked in different places so idk what the hell. They said they could only see clots left that I passed mostly everything. So a few days later we call the OB and tell them what’s happening. I was supposed to go for blood work at the end of the week but now I have to go today because my levels are extremely high for no baby. What could this mean? Molar? I didn’t get to see anything at the ER and they didn’t tell me much. They were busy. Just looking for input.