Okay sooo my labor and delivery story is funny and it will definitely be one I remember. Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️... a little long

So Sept. 5th at 6:30am I was having contractions which I was surprised about because the day before I wasn’t even dilated at my doctor’s appointment which I cried about (hormonal or na!🙄) this was my first pregnancy so I thought I had to be dilated by 38weeks sooo anywho I’m having contractions I call my doctor and they tell me to come in they checked me and I was 1cm but indeed having contractions. So I went back home and thugged it out because they wouldn’t go away ! I had really bad menstrual cycle cramps so contractions was a breeze to me so good that at 10pm at night my mom forced me to the hospital because she said I was handling it so well she didn’t want me to give birth at home. (okay mom 🙄) So we got there and I was only 3cm but they felt the water sake very close so kept me there. Still thugging the contractions out all the nurses were laughing at me because they said I was the nicest/happiest person with contractions 🤣🤣 so once I finally reached 8cm ( this day went by so fast) I got an epidural which now I see was pointless could’ve done it without one but was sticking to my birth plan (as I’m getting my epidural Aubrei’s dad looks at me and says well your lashes look great. . . I wanted to slap him lol 😆 ) but after i got the epidural I was so relaxed and it was time to push so her dad and my mom was there to hold my legs as I’m pushing my mom is on one side pushing with me 🤦🏽‍♀️ and her dad was on the other side breathing with me lol and wiping my face with a rag the craziest thing though I was really tired from pushing so in between pushes I would fall asleep 🤣🤣🤣 and my mom and Aubrei’s dad would try to rest and I’m like NOOOO ! We’re getting her out there’s no breaks ... ( they were so tried it was funny ) my nurses were like are you coaching them lol . But every time I thought I couldn’t do it and was overwhelmed from pushing Aubrei’s dad would say “ come on ! come on ! bring it back let’s go!” As if it was a football game 🤣 and two hours later baby Aubrei was born and we high fived and said team work ! 🤣 and after skin to skin I was KNOCKEDDDD out ! So tired and drained pushing was the most tiring part but I loved literally every moment of my labor and delivery ❤️

Happy one week Aubrei !