Pill Confusion..Help!

Hey everyone! So I’m on the pill & have been for a few years, have always been good with taking it at the same time everyday. The only problem is, a few months back I threw up after taking my pill so I took another that night. Then I threw up AGAIN so I took another one & finally this one stayed down. (I had the flu.) So I was already 2 days ahead after that night. But then a couple months after that I got sick again & took an extra pill to be safe. So right now I’ve been 3 days ahead on my birth control..is that okay? It’s been like this for awhile (at least 4ish months) & I haven’t gotten pregnant so I think I might be ok. My birth control directions tell me to take an extra one if I get sick within 4 hours of taking it but I’m just not sure if 3 days ahead is too ahead for me to be almost 100% protected?