Crushing my happiness

My SO and I are not married, but we are grown adults I’m 26 he’s 31 been happily (not always easy lol) together 2.5 years. We’ve talked about marriage, and I definitely want that fairytale wedding but his view has been “why spend 20k on a wedding when we can spend 20k on a child” but we talk about our lives and future and getting married lots. WE decided we wanted to TTC last month and it worked! Just found out yesterday and we are ecstatic. Downfall to this is that I already have a 4 year old that my SO loves and adores as his own. I was young, with her father for over 3 years off and on but ultimately and understandably did not end up together for many harmful reasons. My happiness is being taken from me because I can’t help but think everyone is going to think I’m making the same mistake I did when I was 21. I know I shouldn’t care what people think but yesterday we were going to dinner close to a jewelry store and my SO said that we should go in and have my ring size fitted, I had never been happier but when I shared the news with my girl friends they made me feel awful saying “doesn’t that make you feel like he’s doing it just because your pregnant”. NO I don’t, but to be honest it might just be the push he needed but now I feel awful. We haven’t even told our families yet but now I’m so sick to my stomach to think about how they feel. I just want to share my happiness with everyone 😭