Why do they say things like this? 😡

MichiganMuggle • Mom of 1 🎀* #2 due May 2021 * PCOS* Successful w/ IUI for baby #1 * #2 natural conception!

5dpt, 4dpiui, 3 days on oral progesterone. I was explaining to my husband how I felt so dizzy an hour after taking my morning progesterone even though I took it after my oatmeal and now I’m feeling nauseated hours later and how annoying these side affects are. His response, “Are you sure it’s not just the placebo effect since the bottle said to expect those side effects and you haven’t felt them until just now?”

Seriously??? F’ing placebo effect? So you’re saying I’m making this up on my head even though I had to stop teaching in the middle of my lesson to sit down and hold my head steady? I’d like to see you take all the gd hormones and see how you f’ing handle yourself. I can’t even with him right now.