Oversupply/over active let down

Olivia • SAHM 🤰🏽 10/17/2016 👦🏼 🤰🏽 8/31/2018 👶🏼 Carter and Leo ❤️

I’m drowning my two week old in milk.he comes off the boob and it’s literally squirting out everywhere. No matter how often I burp him he’s vomiting all the milk up then i feed him him more which is stimulating my supply even more. I’m seriously ready to give up. I had this issue with my first son and pushed through and nursed him for 14 months but not feeling “strong enough” this time. We’re constantly soaked in milk and spit up and he’s so fussy at the boob. Ugh. I’m so depressed about this. TIPS? I feel like I’ve tried everything. I’m not interested in being tied to a breast pump.