Does he like me?


This is really lame, but I'm not good at taking hints or signals. Theres this guy who is in 3 of my classes and he's really cute and sweet. I added him on Snapchat ( I wanted to be friends, but wasn't completely closed off to the idea of dating) a few days ago and he messaged me a few minutes after. We chatted , buy not really about anything personal (ex. "hey" "how was your day" "good, just driving home" "drive home safe" "hey my name is mildly insecure about taking photos" "*dab*") . After like 6 messages he opened mine and didn't respond. I waited for him to text me for a day and then I tried talking to him again. The same thing happened, we talked, he ghosted. I waited another day and jokingly said "do you leave everyone on opened, or an I just special?" He said something along the lines of "nah I do that to everyone" "oof I ghost sometimes too" then he didn't respond for 3 days. No I know this is kinda weird, but he was recommended for me on Instagram and I followed him and sent this

(I Sent a few pictures of furniture)

After that I left him alone, but in chemistry (one of the classes we share) he kept staring at me. I would look away for a second and see him looking at me from the corner of my eye. At this point I was like:

But then I was like:

Today I messaged him again on Snapchat, just saying hey and joking around with him aNd hE GHOSTED ME AGAIN! After 7 minutes I said "goodnight" and he opened it. Honestly at this point I'm just confused and don't know what to think. I know I'm pretty weird and he might be weirded out by me. Tbh I think he might be ignoring me to get my attention and fuCK IT WORKED.