Am I a home wrecker? Will I be


So I’m a sophomore and I had a boyfriend the beginning of my freshman year and we dated for 3 weeks and I got anxiety about the relationship so I broke it off. We ended up but staying friends and he still had feeling for me but my feels for him were purely friendly and after a while he was my best friend he understood me so well. We ended up having fights out of no where and we stopped talking. Recently we became friends again and kinda picked up from where we left off. I’m beyond excited that we are friends but I feel like I might get feels for him and he has a girlfriend. I don’t wanna over step and say something I shouldn’t cuz before his girlfriend I talked to him sexually so did he. So I’m comfortable to say inappropriate things to him and he does the same thing to me. And today he was talking about how we are the perfect heights’ for each other to kiss so I don’t know if I should keep him at a distance? What if we kiss? Should I still be alone with him? Someone help me🤦‍♀️