His brother heard me ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

So me and my boyfriend live with his mom and his brother, this afternoon they both went out. So we got a little time to ourselves๐Ÿ† so we go up to our room and i go to shut the door and he's like no don't bother nobody's in just get here. So we are having THE BEST SEX OF MY LIFE.and I'm not joking.

I was moaning so loud but it was fine because nobody was in right. I finished the loudest ever cause it was just that good . My boyfriend turns to me and he's like did you hear that? I didnt hear a thing so he went downstairs and i heard him say "oh hello" so i shouted to him to shut up because i thought that he was joking but i walk down the stairs to get some food and bam. There's his brother sat in the kitchen with the door wide open with the most awkward look on his face. I wanna die.