Ex STILL talking shit!!!!


So a little over a year ago I dated somebody who I thought was a good man. He talked me into moving to the city he lived in (I lived with my mom 2 hours away). I did because things were not okay at home and I had a toxic relationship with my parents at the time. It was SUPER hard because I had a 1 year old German Shepherd and I couldn’t find a place that would my fur baby live with me. Eventually I found one and it was a little out of my price range, but Jake said he would move in and help with the bills (I know SUPER early to move in with somebody but I was desperate to find a place to live). He had a small marketing company he started with his friend and I had JUST started my job doing reception work at a high end salon. Fast forward a few months and he and his friend split up and he no longer had a job. So it was me supporting him and I wasn’t really getting my full time hours yet because I was still new at my job. He wouldn’t clean, never left the house, slept until I got home most days. He BORROWED MONEY FROM HIS MOM TO HELP PAY RENT. I was SO stressed out and depressed because I didn’t have money to spend on myself. I couldn’t do anything fun. I’m really embarrassed to say it but it got to the point that I cheated on him. The sight of him disgusted me because he convinced me to move here with no support from anyone else and let this happen. Then September came and I asked my sister who lived in the area if I could stay with her and her husband for a while and they agreed and only charged me $200 a month to stay which was definitely okay and worked perfect for me ❤️. A couple weeks after I moved in with my sister I broke it off with Jake and told him why. Things were okay for a little bit until I took my dog back (he couldn’t live with me at my place, but the guy I was seeing could and it was best for me and my fur baby).

Jake was furious about this and said I told him he could have Luke (which I never did he’s just delusional). I got there scared and almost having a panic attack not knowing what would happen so I had my mom on the phone talking me through everything and Jake was screaming in my face calling me a C**t and then after that day he’s been talking shit about me on social media and to my coworkers (he’s friends with my boss and runs a social media page for his fundraiser).

So today it’s been over a year and at this fundraising event he told my coworker that I’m still a bitch and I stole his dog and all this shit. It’s REALLY bothering me that he can’t let any of this go. I’ve had my fur baby since day 1. Way before Jake and I dated. I wouldn’t care if he wasn’t talking to anyone I worked with or my boss but idk what is he saying to my boss?? Ugh. Sorry for the long post. I haven’t been able to vent.