Family law/insurance


Hi everyone. I hope I don’t get judged and put down for this but I have been suffering severe post partum since baby was born a month ago. I lost my mom due to cancer when I was 20 and I I keep thinking is I can’t let my daughter ever be without me. Over the weekend was my sisters bridal shower and I had way to many glasses of wine. Forgetting I haven’t drank in 9 months. I was fine until we got back from the shower to my future sister in laws house and she said she was going to keep my kid over night. My fiancé dropped me off at the party and picked me up and was sober. So I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t let my fiancé take her home. The trauma from my mom being gone and me leaving my daughter over night made me go crazy and I punched my fiancé for letting them take her for the night. I’ve never even had a traffic ticket let alone gone to jail for a domestic charge. But my fiancé understood it was the postpartum and now we aren’t allowed contact for 3 weeks until my court date oct 9th. Only over the phone. I was wondering if anyone knew I’d maybe because we have a newborn baby that I could get in touch with someone about an earlier court date. This happened in south Florida by the way