Period After Nuvaring? PLEASE READ & ANSWER


I had my nuvaring in for almost 5 months. I always skipped my period & changed it on the right day. the last time I took it out was the 9th of September, and now it’s the 18th. I accidentally took it out two days late, but it didn’t matter because I wasn’t sexually active within the past week or about to be sexually active.

Since I’ve taken it out, I had a bit of brown blood (which I also had the whole four weeks I had my last ring in), but after a few days it stopped.

TMI warning, the only time I’ve had actual red blood is when I go #2 and push, and that’s only sometimes.

Should I be worried that I haven’t bled normally get? Im getting an IUD tomorrow, so I probably won’t get my period either way... They’re obviously gonna test me before they insert it, but since I’m underage I haven’t bought a test to make sure I’m not preggo. I have no symptoms, but I’m still paranoid because I’m not trying to be a teen mom 😂

Long story short, SHOULD I WORRY?