Trigger shot after CD12

Hey Ladies so I need some insight. This is my second cycle using clomid & as positive as I been, leaving the Dream today left me a little discouraged. I have a follicle size of 21mm and others that are around 10mm. The dr wants me to trigger shot today (CD11) but i was hoping to do the shot on CD13. I’m in a long distant relationship (bf just transferred out of state) and The way i had it planned was to BD Saturday morning if i took the shot Thursday night.

Will my follicle be too large by then?? Will I miss my ovulation? I normally ovulate from CD13 to CD19 with CD16 & 17 being the highest.

Don’t want to miss it. But last cycle we triggered when i had follicles of 18mm, 16mm & 13mm. And had plenty more but didn’t conceive.

Help please!!