My short first pregnancy... Update

Kirsten • Wife • Mom to Lily 06/19 and Emma 09/21 •

Technically I guess it's called a chemical pregnancy but to me I was pregnant. I was 12dpo and two days short of my period. I didn't feel any different, just sore breasts but I always get that before my period. However in the 4 months of trying my husband and I have gone through I have always tested early. So I took an easy@home test that came with my ovulation strips. After 3minutes I didn't see anything so I threw it away. Later when I went to the restroom I couldn't help myself. I looked at it again. There was something. I stared hard to figure out what it meant. Looking at it later it was definitely an evap. But after a 2hour hold I took a first response and sure enough after 3long minutes there was a very clear line. 2 pink lines! I was soooo excited! All night at work all I could think was that I was going to be a mom. I looked up the due date, when there would be a heartbeat and plenty of other stuff. I decided on telling my husband 6 days later on our one year wedding anniversary. I took another test in the morning. Just as positive. I ended up telling my husband that night. I just couldn't wait. The next morning on the day my period was due I went to the doctor. The morning after their urine test became available. It was negative but that didn't bug me. However the next morning (4 days after positive test) I saw the blood test. HCG-14 Progesterone-6.5 I knew they were low but I read as long as they doubled it was fine. That night my worse fear happened. I started bleeding. And it wasn't spotting. It was period like. I called the doctors the next morning. They wanted another blood test and for me to start progesterone. The doctor examined me and said bleeding doesn't always mean miscarriage. She gave me some hope. Next results showed HCG of 6. I had already cried several times after the first blood test and it started all over again. The doctors office wanted another blood test because an HCG of 5 and under was negative for pregnancy. I take that test on Thursday. I have a feeling I know the results. I am just about done bleeding after 6 days. I would be 5weeks and one day today. Maybe early but I don't want to get my hopes up again. I never really "felt" pregnant with my symptoms,but for a short time I was so excited to be pregnant.

UPDATE: my last blood test confirmed miscarriage. HCG was less than 1.