How to tell your parents?



So a little background information on me. I am 19 years old, and I just graduated highschool this past summer. I am planning on starting online school in Jaunary to get my associates in imagining science. Well I have found out that I was pregant a couple weeks ago. I went to plan parenthood and to see all my options. I got an ultrasound and they are saying I am 8 weeks. Well that was a week ago. So I am now nine weeks. Well I have decided to keep the baby. I am just having a hard time trying to tell my parents. They are the parents that want me to do things in life before I had children. Trust me this child was not planned and I have been on birth control and using condoms, and it still happened.

How do I tell them? I just need advice because I want to, but I am just really really nervous.

Oh side note: the father is very much into my life we have been dating almost three years, so I would say we are in a serious realtionship.

Thank you!