DPO 7 Cervix feels long?


TTC #1 for 9 months and I have been checking my cervical position and mucus. It’s been difficult determining what is normal for me though because my periods are irregular, and I don’t think I’m ovulating every month. This month, however, I ovulated, and we were baby dancing the whole time!!! Anyways, I’m 7 days into the TWW and I noticed that my cervix is high, closed and feels long...or at least that’s the only word I can think of to describe it. Like it’s kind of protruding? Anyone else know what I’m talking about. It’s never felt like this since I’ve been checking. Also, when I have a BM it feels like there’s pressure on my pelvic floor. I refuse to test before two weeks anymore because it’s so painful to get those BFNs. But has anyone else noticed this in early pregnancy? Thanks!