Being in Foster Care


So tm I have a CFTM (child family team meeting) and I’m so scared! Idk what’s gonna happen, I’ve been in the system since November 2017 due to truancy😒 my dumbass ran away twice and once I had my baby she was also placed in states custody (but we are in the same home) but ever since she’s been born I’ve been doing really good. I graduated parenting class, I’m finally for once making all As and Bs. I’ve been following these damn rules and behaving very very good since June but I’m also on hella restrictions like she can’t sleep in the same room w me she has to sleep in the foster parents room at night, I can’t be on social media or have contact w anybody, since I ran away they placed me in a different county far away from my home town and i really hope they actually trust me this time bc as a mother I would never ever risk getting my little girl taken away from me, I’ve never ever done good in life until I had her😩 ugh it’s so much more, i just need to vent. Somebody please pray for us, if your interested in my situation just know ima keep updating. I’ve always wanted to talk to people about being in the system.