Am I “big” ?

Alexis • 10-11-14 👧🏼 5-31-18 💏💋 Gemini baby in the making 👶🏻👣♊️

The past year and a half I’ve been struggling to actually like being in my own skin. My daughters father passed away three years ago this month and since then I had lost a lot of weight from grief depression etc and it continued to be a problem for a while. After a year I started feeling a little more better and started to eat more again then started to put on more weight. Last time I was weighed I was 160 and I’m only 5’4

Do I look bad ? I do need to start building my self confidence, I’ve been bullied for awhile for putting on weight and have been called fat over and over and it’s extremely hurtful

Below is a picture of me three years ago and a body positivity picture I posted of myself a month ago