Conceiving after a miscarriage


I finally got the negative pregnancy test 3 1/2 weeks after my miscarriage. That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday I decided to to use a opk. At this point why not? It was negative. I tested on Thursday and I got the flashing smiley which means high lh. Today I tested yet again and got the solid smiley which means I've peaked and should ovulate within the next 12 to 36 hours.

Do you think the tests are accurate?

I know I will know for sure in the upcoming weeks. But I feel like I may be close to ovulating with the cramping that I have been having on my right side.

Me and my husband can't wait to have kids and this whole trying to conceive has been a very rough road.

*****update *****

So I started to spot on Friday and thought nothing of it but today it got heavy with some clots so I'm gonna assume that ovulation test was off and I got my period. Nothing makes sense anymore because I just got a negative pregnancy test less than a week ago. And I have had none of the normal symptoms that I would typically get with ovulation or starting my period.

Anyone experience this?