Possible ectopic pregnancy

I’m not sure if we have good news or bad news it’s still in the air. My right ovary had a big cist which ruptured. My hcg levels went from 1635 to like 10 thousand something. However they said with hcg levels that high they should have been able to see the tadpole inside the sac and they couldn’t. Dr. Said I pretty much have 3 options. 1- I’m just still too early to see tadpole and I’ll go on to have a healthy pregnancy. 2- there’s like a 1 and 10,00 chance that I have a pregnancy in my uterus how I’m supposed to, and then also an ectopic pregnancy- like an egg that gets fertilized but don’t make it to my uterus how it’s supposed to and if that’s the case I’ll have to terminate it bc the baby can’t grow like that. Or 3- I could have a miscarriage. I go back to my regular doctor on Monday. To be rechecked. He gave me pain meds and told me to rest. I literally hurt so badly in my abdomen. It feels like terrible gas pains on top of sore muscles from strain and I’m so tender to the touch. Dr. also said I had a big cyst on my right ovary that ruptured. I’m so upset and literally hurting I can barely move. This is miserable.