House shopping while pregnant


I feel stressed and upset whenever I see posts about nurseries because we still don’t have a house!

We’re shopping in an extremely competitive housing market and it’s a very tough process. Most people have to bid on many homes, just to lose them one after another. We just got outbid by $25k the other day by some single, older lady who just HAD to have the last house in town on the child-friendly street with the good school. We just didn’t have an additional 30k to throw at the problem so we passed on the house.

I want to be decorating a nursery but I’m stressed that we won’t find something in time and we’ll be stuck with two dogs and a baby in our 700-sq ft city apartment. I don’t know how I’m going to walk two dogs and a baby at the same time while fending off the drunk hockey fans from the nearby stadium and the meth addicts filing out of the clinic. My dogs jump at all the skateboarders and motorcycles, which happens every 3 or so minutes that we’re outside. We can’t pull up to our building and it takes about a half hour to get the car in or out of the garage.

I can’t even think about my pregnancy because I spend all day thinking about houses. I really want to move 😱😱😱

UPDATE: We did it! We’re under contract on the cutest little house. We still can’t believe our luck! Thank you everyone for the support!