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for the past 2 days the following has been going on

im 36 goin on 37 weeks

- lower back pain (its consistent and seems to never stop it just eases off and on)

- constant cramps

- sore legs and thighs (hurts to even bend or sit on the toilet

- diarrhea (sometimes constipated)

- nausea

- headache

- lightheaded

- feet hurt

- left side hurts (sometimes hard to even lie on my side)

- all i eat is ice

this long ass list lol

am i close?? like i know you should time your ccontractions but with my first i had back labor and contractions and ended up emergency c section at 39 weeks and i cant even explain it lol. this n really is constant and doesnt stop. it just eases off a little and eventually goes right to being painnful within minutes.