Long post 19 days late

Seem like I been going crazy I have never been through this before in my life i got the nexplanon removed may 28 start period June 8 been having regular periods since and on time now I'm 19 days late took at test at 4 days late then at 7 days late both came out with faint lines frfr and I went to the doctor nothing waited a few days for blood test results and negative now still no sign of it come doctor will not do anymore blood test she thinks I'm crazy I already have six kids and I feel like I was when I was pregnant with then sick always sleepy mood crying for no reason no appetite and for the last week my dog and kitten will not leave me alone I can't pee on my own cause their at the door but I took at test at 17 days late still bfn like WTF is going on have anybody been through this and was pregnant my next period is due Oct 8