High hcg low progesterone!? Freaking out

Kelly • Married since May 2017💜Baby girl born 6/5/19💞TTC since June 2020 for baby two☀️11/20🌈👼 BFP #2 1/5/21🥰

I had my first beta 13dpo it was 89 and progesterone 13.5. Today, 18dpo, hcg more than doubled to 1,010, a great number, but my progesterone went down to 10. My doctor didn’t event want to test my progesterone but I begged. And then when I freaked out they said they aren’t worried it’s still fine for a natural cycle especially given my rising hcg. I asked if I could do progesterone supplements and they said I could if I wanted but they weren’t recommending it. I’m so worried now I don’t know what to do!?

Currently 4 weeks 2 days.

Anyone else similar boat?