Venting - Placenta Previa/Anemia/Baby Aspirin

I just got a call from my doctor’s to start taking iron supplements with vitamin c (I just had my gestational diabetes test Friday and I’m guessing this is related to that bloodwork). One of the OBs told me to stop taking the iron bc I was having what felt like contractions possibly being related to not going to the bathroom regularly. Now I am just told to go back on it which is fine but what is frustrating is I don’t think anyone thinks it’s a big deal I’m anemic, with complete placenta previa and on baby aspirin for a history of gestational of hypertension. I’m not a medical professional but doesn’t this sound like a recipe for disaster if I bleed which most people with the previa do ?

I don’t get my placenta recheck until 32 weeks and I’m 29 weeks now.