16+5 possible contractions

I’m 16+5 with baby number two.

For about 4 days I’ve been super uncomfortable, sick (constipated or random-no-warning-diarrhea, vomiting, headaches). Having cramps that I keep thinking i need to poop and then only a kernel comes out, and I have a little pressure near my vagina but mainly I’m SORE. I’m drinking like 70+ ounces of water so I don’t think it’s lack of hydration.

I’m worrying that my “cramps” were light contractions. I have an appointment Thursday so I was trying to wait until then but I’m just so uncomfortable and starting to worry. What would you do?

Posting ANON to avoid any guilt from anyone commenting to be mean.

**edit: add symptom of backpain!

No UTI, got checked out at urgent care. Appt in 2 days at OB.