Fighting for what?

I’m in a 4 year relationship (we’re both 21) with a division one basketball player (he’s been on the team a little over 2 years). It’s so frustrating. He’s with his team 4-5 hours a day, he goes to class, and in-between that he does his homework, attend 3 classes each day, and plays hours of fortnite.

I understand he’s super busy and I’m really happy for him honestly because he loves basketball. But I feel like I’m no longer important in his life. Like I said before, I know he’s super busy but I feel like one of those hours playing fortnite could be dedicated to getting to know how I feel or how my day is going at least.

We live together and I feel like I’m acting as if I’m a wife. It’s a 2bedroom 2 bathroom apt and we don’t sleep together btw. I sleep in my room and he sleeps in his. I cook dinner for us everyday and he expects a hot meal done when he comes home. We both clean up on the weekends for the most part but he boasts about all that he’s done and what I haven’t done i

even if he sees me doing my homework.

I feel super neglected! I’m stressing because I feel like I’m putting forth 120% into this relationship and he’s maybe giving me 80%. I’m tired of being the only one trying to make this relationship work.

He’s also made subtle comments about my weight which I’ve always been self conscious of. He’ll say ‘you’re getting big.’ Or things of that nature. About 2 1/2 years ago I weighed about 146 lbs, now I’m at my highest of 178lbs at. At that weight he told me he wouldn’t like me if I continued to gain weight. I can’t keep motivation and I’m not happy with my weight and size currently. I know he’s better than the way he’s been treating me. Maybe he’s just stressed. Sometimes I think it’ll be best if we both separate but I don’t think I’m strong enough for a separations. I can’t live with out him help me, I need someone who’ll be supportive of me regardless of my weight.

Sorry if it’s all over the place, I’m super tired.