Measuring 2 weeks ahead closer to original duedate?

I want some input from people who might have been in the same or similar boat to put my mind at ease a little. My current due date is December 24th, im in my 28th week and I've been consistently measuring 2 weeks ahead, I measured 30 weeks yesterday. My original due date was December 16th. I've been hoping so much that I won't be in the hospital on Christmas and that I'll have my baby boy before then, I'm hoping this is a sign that he will be here earlier than his due date by maybe a week. Things we're messed up with guessing my due date because I was on the pill and my cycle got all messed up and I had my period and stuff when I wasn't supposed to on the pill so we don't really know when I got pregnant.

I was really sick the first trimester and feel like maybe he could have been measuring smaller because I was losing a lot of weight, but then now I'm right now track with what I'm supposed to weight, I'm actually on the lower side of the range still but within healthy range. I'm think maybe now that I'm healthier and he's able to get enough nutrients that he's caught up to where he's supposed to be. Especially since both myself and my husband were smaller babies 5 and 7 lbs.

*Is there a chance that my due date could still not be completely accurate and that I might actually have my baby how before my due date?*

My doctor also said to try and help move things along that if he doesn't come on his own by 38 weeks that she will do a membrane sweep to try and help things along if my cervix is open enough.

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