Ectopic? Miscarriage?


Hi ladies.. Have any of u experience this?

Last tuesday I went to ER because of the bleeding. My doctor scan to find the baby.. But she couldnt find the baby.. Check beta, my hcg level is too low for 6 weeks. It was only 590. After 2 days, 688. She suspect that I have ectopic pregnancy.. I still have bleeding..

Yesterday i bleed heavily.. Check beta n the result was drop. My hcg was 501. The doctor said i might miscarriage. The thing is i havent seen any tissue discharge.

That night, when I go to pee, i see a long tissue with clots. Not that big.. I dont know whether im having miscarriage or not.. But i really hope that I dont have ectopic..

Have any1 experience ectopic? Wats the symptoms?