UPDATE**** 👇🏻This is totally TMI! Blood gush after sex?!

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I’m 33 weeks and 5 days hubby and I did our thing not rough at all. When I stood up I had a small gush of red blood and now I’m just lightly spotting. I have been having contractions since yesterday. Some bad some but my cervix wasn’t changing. I’m at a 2cm and 50% effaced. Could the small gush just be sex related? I’ve not experienced this before.


Okay y’all so I get to go home after my next beta shot!! So I’m 4 cm dilated 70% effaced and baby boy is at -3 station!! I haven’t had any noticeable contractions since yesterday morning. But I asked the dr how long I could walk around at this stage and she couldn’t really say. So right now I could go into labor tonight or be induced after my due date there really is no telling it’s all up to little man. Also my fluid levels have gone up!! They are now 7.6!! So stay tuned and I shall post once baby boy is here or if there are any significant changes! Also you can follow my blog on fb called Mommy and two! Or follow me on insta @jaime_dickey

I’m going to start posting updates there too!!