Sucky mom skills


I keep going back and forth about posting but here goes. I think I need some mom interaction. I totally feel like my mom skills are sucking. I get so frustrated when baby won’t calm. And I feel like I have no patience. Baby has been fussy and super active since day 1 and I thought we’d be through the worst of it. We are on a mission to find out what and if there are tummy troubles so at least I’m not lazy I suppose. We have hit the 4 month sleep regression that everyone talks about and hoping we are close to over that. He fights his sleep too. I don’t even know what to do about that. He also pulls hair now (#%@$& it hurts) and it’s super frustrating. I’m just feeling like crap. I love my baby and I love his personality when he’s not being cray lol I just hate how frustrated I get and how shitty I feel about my coping skills. 😭

This is a super short snippet of our life but give a bit of an idea. Sorry I just feel like crap and think I need other moms to chat with.