Babyshower blues πŸ™„


My baby shower is appx 3 weeks away and nobody from my side (because its a joint babyshower with my SO) hasnt even RSVP. This is the week i need a headcount and everybody even so callled friends told me they were absolutely coming now out of 25 invitations that i sent only 5 people are guaranteed that to come 😒 i have no support system . i didnt have a baby shower with my first because nobody wanted me to nor supported me. My So has a big suppport system on his side but im really angry and depressed and sad that no one supports me . only my younger siblings, My mom, & my gma are coming in my behalf that im sure of. Im happy that they are attending i love them soo much but its sad cus watch everybody want to be there when my baby born or wanna see my son or wanna be β€œgod parents” I think tf not ❗️lol its like im sad but at the at the same time im Happy because i see who there for me and who not. Anybody else has a similiar situation ?