Mucus plug??? (TMI picture included)

Cheyenne • Mommy to be 🤱🏼 Baby boy due December 👶🏼💙

So ever since last night I have been having this really heavy discharge looking substance in my underwear so I put a liner on. This is one of many looks at what is coming out.

I am 30 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first child. I am 15 years old and not sure what to look for. For about a week or so I have been having really bad stomach pains during the night and the other day the pain was throughout the day as well. I’ve been having dreams about going into labor and then I would wake up with a sore body. My step mom is a nurse and has had 3 kids so when I tell her she says I’m fine, but every pregnancy is different. I have an up coming OB appointment next Tuesday.

What should I do??