Am I right to be pissed at my boyfriend over this girl?

So my boyfriend has recently started going on about this girl at work, saying how funny she is and how good at her job she is etc. I've not really batted an eye but he's recently been staying late to help her with her work that she keeps fucking up.

He was 7 hrs late off because of it, and now he's complaining to me that he's stressed because he's agreed to take her work on while she's on annual leave. We do the exact same job in different areas (both in emergency services), and he's now asking me for advice for her work.

I'm just pissed off that he continuously keeps helping this girl out with her own work to the point it's stressing him out. I'm also 26 weeks pregnant which is not helping my mood any, and I have a feeling that he fancies her deep down (my instinct has never been off with this but I don't think he'd ever cheat).

I'm just so annoyed with him that this keeps happening. Am I in the wrong to feel this way? Just looking for some honest advice.