Went to our childbirth class today...


Didnt really learn much that I didnt already have at least some knowledge of, but we got to tour l&d and know what to expect there... well it's pretty funny my whole pregnancy all we've heard is "omg you're so tiny" and it's like thanks, I still cant see my feet or sit without my belly touching my legs but alright. I'm not used to these things, well there was about 8 other women and their partners in the class, and well my husband looked at me after we left and said "I finally understand why everyone says you're so tiny, you look half as pregnant as those women!" This is wrapping up as were getting ready to order some mochas at the hospital kiosk and I was rubbing my belly, well this lady looks over at me and said "omg your pregnant, I thought you were just rubbing you're belly because you were hungry" so my husband and I laughed and told her I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and she couldnt believe it, of course I can laugh it off but I know I should be bigger so sometimes, a very small portion of time, I get down about it.

I started off the pregnancy pretty smooth but got morning sickness at 8+1, every morning for 10 weeks i would throw up stomach acid/bile for 5 minutes or so, sometimes that was it, others I'd throw up later in the afternoon if something didnt sit well. So i put myself on a pretty much strictly soft food diet for the next 10 weeks, I couldnt tolerate anything at all. Eventually my appetite came back some, but by 18 weeks I had already lost over 20 lbs. I'm still about 10 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight, so I felt defeated already knowing I dont gain weight fast enough. Now we add gestational diabetes and a low carb diet to the mix and I've lost a pound or two. Baby girl is growing, and active so I know it's not super worrisome, but it just doesnt make you feel accomplished to know everyone else doesnt seem to have the same kind of problem. Still not super bummed about it, and I know most women are going to say "boohoo that's less weight to worry about post pregnancy" but I honestly dont care about the weight loss, just making sure shes provided for. It is what it is, I guess. Thanks for reading this far if you have, just needed to rant.