Not Sure if I’m Pregnant...


Sooo I’m 14 DPO today and it’s my first day of my expected AF (hasn’t shown yet). I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet because last cycle, I got faint positives on FRER from 12DPO on but it turned out to be a CP... I was unbelievably heartbroken 😞. I told myself I’d let my period come (or not) the next time because I couldn’t handle the heartache again.

This time around, I started experiencing my typical luteal phase symptoms immediately after I ovulated, mostly sore breasts. Ever since I can remember I got sore breasts at the end of my cycle so not unusual for me. About a week before my expected period I had a few cramps and I thought for sure I was out since that was exactly when I felt them last cycle. This time, however, I’ve been so bloated, and gassy constantly which is slightly unusual. My cramps pretty much went away altogether but I have had small twinges of pain, lots of times in my right side (ovary). Usually I have a pretty regular AF and some nasty cramps leading up to my period but haven’t had those yet.

I’m not going to test for another few days for reasons I mentioned above but I can’t help but get my hopes up. I’m worried these small cramps I’m getting mean AF is coming... I guess we will just have to wait and see. This is literally the only place I can talk about this, except with my SO since we haven’t told anyone we were trying yet and don’t want to until we are pregnant. I appreciate even strangers being a listening ear once in a while! Baby dust to you all ❤️